Teacher Training

Preparation of teachers on a large scale for organizations and governments.

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Global Learning

Connecting clients with high-profile, reputable individuals to offer training, lectures and keynotes.

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Finding Students

Connecting clients with students who need the programs they offer.

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Since 1999

Not Your Typical Consultants

Volition Global is, first and foremost, about relationships.  We get to know people holistically and attribute this to our multicultural backgrounds, having lived in a variety of cultures.  While we admire the U.S. "work culture" we are also greatly influenced by the many other cultures that we have known - cultures that place a high value on relationships, where business simply doesn't happen without trust and friendship. So we start by getting to know people as friends, and they sometimes grow into colleagues.  First and foremost, they are friends.  It's also more fun that way!

We've also been doing international work for a combined total of over fifty years and have developed and extensive professional network across the U.S. and across the globe.  Put simply, we are good at making connections.

When it comes to teacher preparation, we have successfully executed some of the most exciting - and difficult to secure - training contracts ever done in the U.S.  We only work with highly reputable, well-prepared, and established universities in the U.S.

We also take this global network of professionals and help connect them with our other colleagues.  Sometimes our friend in one place really needs to meet our friend in another place because we just know they'll be a perfect match.  So we make the connection.

We negotiate everything on a case-by-case basis.  For us, every deal has to be win-win.  Before we would think about charging anything we want to be able to say with confidence that it is fair to be charging the client, that it is beneficial for everyone concerned, and that everyone feels they emerge not only as winners, but as friends.

While Volition Global is held together by the efforts of Mona and Cornell Menking, it is really a network built on decades of experience in higher education, almost all of it doing internationally-oriented work.  We encourage you to study our bios, think about how we might be able to work together, and give us a call or an email.


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